Brotas Village (Aldeia de Brotas) has a tradition in welcome. Over time welcomed who came here on pilgrimage. For this it were built the Brotherhood Houses of the various Brotherhoods which here headed for the entire southern region of Portugal. Following up, and with the tradition of receiving of Alentejo people, having the Brotherhood Houses to welcome them and be able to rest in a rural environment of a living village.

Brotherhood Houses (Casas de Romaria)

Brotherhood Houses (Casas de Romaria) are a housing unit, a real Village Tourist. With its Brotherhood Houses to continue the story of Brotas, along one of the most beautiful streets in the area. When opening the door you will enter the Brotherhoods that once welcomed the pilgrims, decorated with items of a life and prepared to give the necessary comfort for a well deserved rest in Brotas. Do not forget that by morning, Breakfast, has a number of traditional and homemade products to enjoy Alentejo flavors.


Rua da Igreja, 30

7490-017 Brotas

Cell Phone: +351 966 948 643